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Today’s constructed landscape is ever increasing, accelerating, and complex. Businesses inherently have monumental stake in their infrastructure posture and our solutions help businesses realize the maximum potential of cutting-edge cybersecurity. With PanC2, construction is the foundation from which we stand. Our team has constructed thousands of miles of fiber - aerial and subterranean, fiber infrastructure such as; conduit, LCP Cabinets, handhole's, and FTTP Deployment.


Pangaea Command Construction (PanC2) was founded on the premise that our company can develop your solution how you want and need it. We apply a holistic approach to incorporating industry, vendor, and regulatory best practices.


With an internal group of design engineers and architects with the support of a partner Engineering Firm that can professionally review and validate all designs. We can get your project professional engineered from start to finish, get a PE stamp of Approval and see your project through to the successful finish line.


Pangaea Command Construction's team of construction engineers can take your vision and put them to paper (even the digital kind). We can help walk you through what your requirements, needs, and wish list items are, and then create a solution that matches what you provided. We can even expand and redesign your solution if you feel its not quite hitting that mark. We are here to help, and its our passion.

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